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It is important that traps are checked daily and the 24 hour rule is in effect for most of the States and I believe the Provinces of Canada.

Clay Oren checks his traps here in the video above like all professional  squirrel control specialists.

We provide professional squirrel control services to all of  Montgomery County, Potomac, Silver Springs, MD. We trap, remove and control Squirrels in attics.
Our Squirrel Control Services may also include the removal of all squirrel feces or fecal deposits on your property or inside of your attic. We remove dead squirrels as part of our dead animal removal and dead animal carcass removal services. We seal up homes , repair squirrels and other animal damage. We may be able to squirrel proof or animal proof your home for you. We also offer attic clean outs to remove soiled attic insulation from squirrels locations in your attic with squirrel feces and squirrel urine. We remove soiled insulation, sanitize the affected area and replace your attic with fresh new attic insulation to current local building code. The replacement of attic insulation usually  can result in savings to yearly home heating and home cooling bills.

Video on Squirrels Nest Found In Attic Fan During Squirrel Inspection

This video above  was done by the late Kirk La Pierre (1959-2010) Rutherford NJ

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Example Of Squirrel Damage.

The attic is the most common reported complaint for problem locations with squirrels. Often squirrels gain entry first to your home from branches from nearby trees or a trellis. Squirrels are curious and powerful and can break off most vents not hardened for animal damage. Squirrels can enter chimneys and fireplaces because of a faulty, damaged or missing chimney cap. Squirrels are masters of breaking into the eaves of your home or business and finding a weak construction point and ripping a access hole from the eaves, soffit or fascia. We recommend homeowners have the home from the roof and chimney area inspected by someone at least once a year. You can keep squirrels from re-entering a home by repairing damaged vents, chimney caps, and  eaves etc.

Squirrel Removal & Squirrel Control Gainesville, Alachua County,  Fl

We provide professional raccoon control services to all of  Alachua County, Florida including the communities of  Alachua, Archer, Bell, Branford, Chiefland,  High Springs, Fort White, Jonesville, Lake Butler, Lake City, Live Oak, Newberry, Trenton,  and other communities nearby.

Gainesville Squirrel Control

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